So, you want to serve but don’t know how to get to your site?

Serving in the South Bend and immediate Notre Dame community is an incredible way to explore the area, use your talents and skills, and learn outside of the classroom! There are countless ways to volunteer through Notre Dame, so do not let not having a personal car on campus stop you. There are many ways to get to and from service sites – check out the suggestions below:

Coordinating with other Volunteers

In many cases, service sites ask for or schedule multiple ND/SMC/HCC volunteers at the same time. Try reaching out to other residents in your dorm, clubs, or classes to see if anyone else with a car will be going in the same direction. In fact, feel free to reach out to the service site coordinator to see if he or she is aware of other student volunteers with transportation. This is a great way to meet other people and treat the environment with kindness.

“Rent” a car through the Center for Social Concerns

For those students without a personal car on campus but who have a driver’s license, the Center for Social Concerns has cars available for use free of charge. The process is quite simple. To become eligible for free CSC car rental, you must do the following:

Once these steps are completed, you will be able to check out or “rent” a car each time you leave campus for a service event/activity. If you choose to use a CSC car, you may be asked to help drive other students to and from the same site.


Zipcars are a great resource for students searching for quick transportation. There are many Zipcars available for use on Notre Dame’s campus, and while typically there is a membership fee to be eligible for Zipcar rental, students do not have to pay the membership fee. Zipcars are able to be checked out on an hourly basis, so they are perfect for short trips to and from service sites. Check out the Zipcar website to apply for membership.